Shore Break

‘Shore Break’ lands in Adelaide

Is it possible for someone who has banished themselves to an island to escape the torture of living in world, to find a way back to society? Writer / Performer Chris Pitman explores this theme in his debut one man show Shore Break at the Goodwood Theatre from 3 May – 13 May. 

Shore Break is the story of a man brought up in an emotionally illiterate, culturally bereft household in a far-flung suburb of a city. His life bumps through childhood, adolescence into adulthood; consumed by awkwardness, confusion, anger and an inability to connect meaningfully to relationships and community. Something is broken but he cannot seem to put the pieces together.  

He turns toward the ocean for connection. A place that can hold his unnamed feelings and keep his secrets. We meet him alone in his camp in an isolated dune, sandwiched between the desert and the ocean. He’s been there for years, waiting for the perfect wave to break; because only then, for a few precious moments, can he feel alive. Old memories overtake him and he must unravel his emotional entanglement, try to see what he has done, who he is, and how he can keep living. Is there a chance he can find a road back to civilisation? 

In bringing this work to life Chris drew on his own research and experiences with those on the fringes of society, travelling to remote campgrounds and regional areas along the coast.  

“I have spent my fair share of time alone.  Mostly dreaming in landscapes, and mostly by the ocean. I have often seen people there, living out solitary existences, backs turned to the world, diluting their troubles into the water and I’ve always been fascinated by them. How did they get there? What did they do? What was done to them? Is this the way they live their last days, or will they find their way back to people? I finally decided this was a story I wanted to tell.  

I found myself in conversations with isolates in remote campgrounds, while chasing the increasingly impossible dream of uncrowded waves. Some were surfers, fishers, hunters, and some were just there for the landscape, for the space, the desert and the ocean, stretching all the way to the sunset.  Everyone’s got their story to tell, and it was the people who had disconnected over time who I enjoyed being with. Mostly goodhearted people, born into generational emotional illiteracy, who couldn’t find a foothold, and slipped through the cracks of a communal, civilised life. Here they ended up in remote fringes of our country, stranded and alone.  I drew on all these connections and experiences as a background for Shore Break.” 



Writer / performer Chris Pitman grew up in South Australia before moving to Perth to study acting at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts.  

Upon graduation, he was cast as Quick Lamb in Cloudstreet, for Belvoir and Black Swan.  He toured with this production Nationally and Internationally for the following three years, including seasons in New York, and at The National theatre in London. He subsequently lived and worked in Sydney until 2009, before moving back to Adelaide, where he continues to work in the theatre with Brink and the State Theatre Company of South Australia.  

His theatre credits include, The Sapphires, Capricornia, In Our Name,  A number (Belvoir St Theatre ) Our Town, Don’s Party, Love for Love, Boy Get’s Girl, Harbour, Republic of Myopia ( Sydney Theatre Company )Toy Symphony, Straight White Men, The Seagull, Babyteeth, Othello, Ghosts, Speaking in Tongues, Macbeth, That Eye the Sky (STCSA) Skip Millers Hit Songs, Long Tan ( Brink Productions ) Glengarry Glenross (Flying Penguin)  

Television credits include All saints, Blue Heelers, Murder Call, Farscape, White Collar Blue, Go Big, Scorched, Mcleods Daughters, Deadline Gallipoli.   

Chris has been involved in the development of many new plays, through workshops, and into production, including several of the above. 


Director Chelsea Griffith graduated from Acting at Adelaide College of The Arts in 2021; but realised she could see more of the stage from five rows back.  

The following October, she was Assistant Director to Rosalba Clemente for Eureka Day by State Theatre Company of South Australia. She received a 2021 Carclew Fellowship to fund a creative development for the re-imagining of Chekhov’s Uncle Vanya she has written, which took place in January 2022. In this development, she received mentoring in dramaturgy and directing from Nescha Jelk.  

Chelsea has spent 2022/2023 developing and rehearsing Shore Break with Chris Pitman, and continuing to write her own original work. Chelsea is excited to have the support and mentorship of Chris Drummond for the rehearsal and performance of Shore Break. 



Writer and Performer Chris Pitman
Director Chelsea Griffith
Dramaturg Chris Drummond 


Dates: 3 – 13 May 2023 

Tickets: $ / Preview only $ and on sale through …………. 

Venue: Goodwood Theatre, 166, Goodwood Road  

Ages: 15+ 

Duration: 90 mins 


Media Contact Petrina Egan, Publicist 0423 324 288 /  


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