Gorge '09


GORGE ‘09 is a bold and interactive mini-fest of performance and spoken word - and it's not for the jelly-hearted.

Each night offers a new theatrical world, Different writer. Different script. Different performers.

It's raw, it's immediate and dramatically different. Live dangerously and immerse yourself in the process of making live performance.
Writers Nicki Bloom, Matthew Cormack and Alirio Zavarce have each penned a ten minute script, commissioned especially for GORGE '09, and are now waiting to see what is served up between 19-21 November by the GORGE '09 performance companies and artists: Daniel Clarke, Aidan Munn, Stone/Castro, Real Time Collaborators, TheimaGen and Unreasonable Adults
GORGE '09 isn't one of those theatrical experiences where you sit back and wait to be entertained. You have to engage and enGORGE! 
GORGE '09 is loud and gets louder. Your voice is vital to the fun and laughter each night as you are serenaded by the sassy songbird, Libby O'Donovan, mellifluous Mistress of Ceremonies. 

And, yes, it's more fun if you come on all 3 nights...
You'll meet the artists, engage in conversation with them and watch the stage transform again and again in a series of different interpretations. We'll open up the floor to questions and debate, challenge the writers' intention and question the performers' interpretation. Or simply sing their praises!  
Join us and be GORGEd!
19-21 November 2009
Space Theatre
Thursday 19 Nov, 7.30pm

Conflict Under An Australian Script
by Alirio Zavarce
Interpreted by
  - Aidan Munn, freelance choreographer with 3 dancers
- Daniel Clarke, freelance director with 3 actors
Friday 20 Nov, 7.30pm
Like Brothers in a Bathtub

by Matthew Cormack
Interpreted by
- TheimaGen
  - Unreasonable Adults
Saturday 21 Nov, 7.30pm
by Nicki Bloom
Intepreted by
- Real Time Collaborators
  - Stone/Castro

Gorge '09 was presented at Space Theatre, Adelaide on 19-21 Nov 2009 by Brink Productions in association with Adelaide Festival Centre's inSPACE Program. 

Gorge is an original concept by Daisy Brown (the Misery Children)

WRITERS Nicki Bloom, Matthew Cormack & Alirio Zavarce 
PERFORMANCE COMPANIES Aidan Munn, Daniel Clarke,
Stone/Castro, Real Time Collaborators, TheimaGen 
& Unreasonable Adults 
ARTISTIC DIRECTORS Daisy Brown & Chris Drummond
PRODUCER Kay Jamieson