Gone Viral

Gone Viral


Free Range Theatrix in association with Brink Productions, presented by the 2017 DreamBIG Festival 

by Sally Hardy

18-21 May
​253 Grenfell Street, Adelaide

Book now at BASS online or call 131 246

Cassie is 17 years old, and her father is dying of cancer. Somehow Cassie must find the words to say goodbye – but how can she do this without revealing who she really is? Would he still love her if he knew the truth...that she’s not the sweet little girl he thinks she is?

Alongside the painfully important issue of childhood grief, this award-winning play tackles some of the most pressing issues facing young people today, with humour and sensitivity.

As if school pressures, cyber scandals and friendships gone wrong are not enough to deal with, Cassie must face all of this while her world is turned upside down by cancer.

Then again, if she can find the courage, it might just be the making of her.



Writer/Producer: Sally Hardy
Director: Tiffany Lyndall Knight
Set/Costume Design: Kathryn Sproul
Sound Design: Callan Fleming
Lighting Design: Matthew Ralph
Yvonne McAulay – Cassie Lowe
Julie Wood – Bev Lowe, Pharmacist, Mrs Whipple
Chiara Gabrielli – Rachel, Paula
Clare Mansfield – Anh Tran
Hugo Fielke – Steve Lowe, Tam, Ollie