Tiny Bricks in partnership with Brink Productions and in association with the Adelaide Festival of Arts presents

by Phillip Kavanagh

8-13 March
Plant 1, Bowden
​Corner of Fifth st and Park Tce, Bowden

"It’s a testament to the brilliance of this production that, minutes in, you realise you’ve adapted to the style of performance – you’re smiling one moment, wringing your hands in worry another, and laughing out loud the next." Aspire Magazine

In this frantic world of rapidly rising information, our brains are reshaping and our souls are transforming. 

Deluge sees five plays run simultaneously as ten characters attempt to find meaning and connection without drowning in the flood. An unexpected pregnancy. A prophetic speech. A dark secret. A high-stakes game. A life derailed. 

The dam has burst.

Deluge is a theatrical experiment that will see five plays running at the same time in the same space, exploring the ways we are affected by the overload of information in our lives. The audience’s attention will be torn between each of the ten actors on stage in rapid succession, as the five plays race to unite in a symphonic conclusion. In a funny, provocative and frantic fifty minutes, Deluge will leave you breathless. 

Image: Che Chorley


Writer Phillip Kavanagh
Director Nescha Jelk
Producer Ben Roberts
Designer Elizabeth Gadsby
Lighting Designer Chris Petridis
Sound Designer Will Spartalis
Cast Alex Woollatt, Andrew Thomas, Antoine Jelk, Ashton Malcolm, Eliza Oliver, James Smith, Julie Nixon, Lucy Lehmann, Rebecca Mayo, Stuart Fong

Deluge was developed with the support of Playwriting Australia at the National Play Festival 2015