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Let's Help Hew 'Tour De World'!

Brink believes that art, and access to art, fosters a more compassionate society and the sharing of stories and the positive impact of exceptional theatre on people’s hearts, minds, and emotions should be experienced by everyone - all over the world! 

With this on our agenda and keen to keep the hot wheels of Symphonie de la Bicyclette spinning we are seeking your support to get the shows Writer and Performer Hew Parham to 'Tour de World!' [destination Europe] which will see Brink on the International stage for the first time since 2018.

Symphonie de la Bicyclette on stages across Europe would; expose us to new audiences around the world, offer new connections with international presenters and venues for future showcasing opportunities, champion Hew - one of our state’s leading artists - helping him gain an international profile, growing his own opportunities and networks, increase Brink’s future funding opportunities and raising the profile of South Australian arts-makers across the world

South Australian audiences were blown away with this work – hear what they had to say during the Adelaide season in January 2023.

We have a target of $25K to reach... small change for some, but unfortunately not us! Updates will be made as donations come in, showing Hew ‘virtually’ cycling around the globe, with a few hilarious check points along the way! The more donations he gets, the further he travels.  It’s almost tax time, so shake your money box and let’s take Symphonie de la Bicyclette all the way to Europe baby!


Click here to give a little something and see where your donation takes him!

Or if you wish to donate by direct bank transfer or require further details about the donor program, please contact Brink Productions on 08 8211 6565 or email

Brink Productions is endorsed by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) as a Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) and an income tax exempt charitable entity with notice of endorsement for charity tax concessions (TCC).