How we create our work

In the search for a richness in theatre Brink seeks to cast as wide a net as possible. To do this we bring together the artists at the earliest possible moment – everyone responding equally to the initial idea.

The crucial aspect of Brink's approach is that we ask the collaborators to come with minimal research, no preconceptions, no decisions made and no solutions ready. We ask them to begin in a kind of emptiness. This is key to our philosophy.
By committing to beginning in emptiness, a profound openness and urgency is generated that unites and sustains the artists throughout the creation of the work. It is only after this commitment is undertaken, and images and performance ideas are generated, that Brink commissions the writer - informed by the shared discoveries of the collaboration.
Brink's shows are held in repertoire and available for touring regionally, nationally and internationally.


Andrew Bovell invited Chris Drummond to write an essay describing the collaborative process by which When The Rain Stops Falling was developed, to include as the foreword of the Currency Press publication of the script in Australia in 2009.  Chris Drummond was the director of the original production of When The Rain Stops Falling that has its world premiere at the Scott Theatre in Adelaide on 28 February 2008.

Finding the Life in the Stone 
By Chris Drummond [Artistic Director 2004 - 2023]

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