About Us

Brink – The art of storytelling

Brink exists to tell stories. 

Brink has always existed to tell stories, but increasingly we find the methodology on which we’ve built the company has a greater flexibility, allowing our projects to begin from any number of starting points and take on any shape. 

Brink attracts major artists from across disciplines and across the country and the world, drawn to the company’s vision of creating contemporary allegorical works that speak to a diversity of audiences.

Based in Adelaide, Brink works from a different perspective to those companies based in other the major capital cities; a vital perspective in the cultural life of Australia. We see Adelaide’s relationship to the rest of Australia as being a microcosm of Australia’s relationship to the rest of the world. We are intrinsically a part of the community yet something of an observer to the main event. This is a strong position from which to create stories that talk about the nature of who we are as a nation in today’s globalised society.

Over the next four years, we are making works for town halls, black box theatres, site specific locations, proscenium arch theatres and opera houses. We are making solo works specifically for regional touring right through to international co-commissions.

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